Inspection Products

Various types of wafer, wirebond, substrate, die attached, pallet, leadframe, tape and reel and PCB components

Inspection Features

Colour, Mono and SWIR Inspection (Inner layer)

Colour Camera

Mono Camera

SWIR Camera

Line Scan Inspection

Suitable for long piece, continuous objects Inspection. EG: Leadframe package inspection or tape and reel inspection

Area Scan Inspection

Suitable for one individual objects inspection

Inspection Capabilities

Package Inspection

Rough Surface


Package Scratches

Incomplete Fill

Crown Flash

ID pin Height

Chip on Package

Raised Flag

Package Offset

Foreign Material

Pin 1 Chip

Flash on EP

Inspection Capabilities

Tape & Reel Inspection


Chip Out

Wrong Marking

Wrong Orientation

Foreign Material

Lead Bend