Inspection Products

Food & drinks packaging seal, packaging printing, expiry date and code, cap inspection, content level inspection and many more..

Inspection Conditions

Inspection Object transit through conveyor

Inspection Object transit through overhead conveyor

Continues Moving Inspection

Inspection done without stopping the object

Move and stop for inspection

Object move to certain point and stop for inspection then continue with another point

Inspection Features

6 Sided Inspection

Line Scan Inspection

Suitable for long piece, continuous objects Inspection. EG: label /packaging Inspection

Area Scan Inspection

Suitable for one individual objects inspection

Colour & Mono Inspection

Multi Zoom Inspection

Inspection Capabilities

Water Level Inspection

Original Bottle

Vision Inspection

Water level is visible on camera view

Bottle Cap Inspection

Water Bottle

Vision Inspection with OPTO Pericentric Lens

Bottle line is visible on camera view

Inspection Capabilities

Food Can Cosmetics Inspection






OCR / Mark Inspection

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