Desktop Inspection System

Desktop vision Inspection with Jig/Fixture

A user-friendly system that able to perform a simple vision inspection with quick reliable result.
Inspection objects can be easy to load with the option to place on the jig platform or on the tray to performs a periodic inspection.
Just a few button to start and complete a vision inspection.


100% vision inspection for part

Automatic inspection

High Accuracy & Reliable Results

Easy Control & Instruction Manual

High Speed

Save Time & Cost

Multiple Inspection Capabilities

Compact in Size


Jig table for
height adjustment

The system will loop & test every second

Inspection is triggered by pressing push button

Inspection Products

e.g. PCB, Wafer & components on board

Inspection Capabilities

Absence/presence of component on board. Most thru hole component including ECap, connectors, crystal, resistor, PDIP housing, voltage regulator.

Mixed ECap component placement. Detect different diameter only and not capacitor values or color.

Detect Reverse Polarity for ECap, Connectors & PVR.