Our expertise is to provide solutions for process control, defect detection, measurement, assembly verification, packaging, surface, continuous web and discrete component inspections in the field of:

Provide Solutions For Various Industries


• Highly Recognise by Top Industries Player in the Market
• Engineer Team form by a Group of Vision Expertise
• Using innovative Inspection Method, Latest High-Tech Equipment
• Offer Cost & Time Effective Solutions

Benefits of Implementing Vision Inspection
To Your Business

Increase Quality

Quick Identify and Quick fix of high defects process

Reduce Manpower

Inspection can be done by machine vision instead of manual inspection

Improve Reputation

Good products delivery to customer increase customer satisfaction and build reputation

24 hours Inspection

Non-Stop Inspection process can Maximize Production Yield

Reduce Wastage

Early defects detention can avoid further use of raw materials

Save Time & Cost

Reduction of wastage and Manpower, can help to save cost, Simplify process can help to save time

Benefits of Machine Vision Inspection to User

Each Unit Inspection

Cover each unit of products without miss

Multiple Inspection

Multiple defects inspection can be done at once with software setting and algorithm

Data Collection

Data collected can be use for tracking , forecast. Defects process analysis

High Accuracy Result

Results are more reliable and consistent than human inspection results

Reduce Downtime

Prevent defects products to damage the machine part

Safer Inspection

Inspection can be done from hazardous or very hot environment

High Speed Inspection

Inspection can be done at the fast moving conveyor

Narrow Space Inspection

Inspection can be done at a small area or gap